Data Driven Insights for Teams Selling to Providers

Work smarter, not harder, by focusing on the physicians, accounts, and markets that will actually drive revenue with Arrakis.

Vital market intelligence
at your fingertips

Identify Relevant Leads

We provide the high quality physician and account data that your reps have been searching for.

Target Valuable Accounts

We estimate account size and closing probability to help your team focus on the accounts with the most potential.

Estimate Territory Potential

We visualize territory market potential to assist with performance management and strategic decision making.

Meet Our Team

Sam Parlett, 
CEO & Co-Founder

Sam is a Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur who’s been starting companies since college. His inspiration for Arrakis came from his prior start-up: Shield, a clinical lab that raised $14 million (from YC & A16z) and built a clinical sequencing platform capable of detecting any species of bacteria in under 2 hours.

Savvas Nicholas, 
CTO & Co-Founder

Savvas is a self taught software engineer who has built over 10 products that collectively serve hundreds of thousands of users. At 23, he became the CTO of the world’s largest live educational platform, Shaw Academy, and scaled it to $50 million in revenue and 35 engineers.

Nike Gurin-Petrovych,
Founding Engineer

Nike’s been building high performance engineering teams for 14 years. He led the Huffington Post’s 30+ person remote engineering team, co-founded and scaled a profitable start-up to 50+ engineers, and built a data & analytics platform for e-commerce brands.

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