Stop Researching.
Start Selling.

Arrakis is a database for commercial teams that value their time.

We help you navigate the Healthcare Universe. Find high value targets, identify decision makers, and unearth insights that help your team get their foot in the door.

What is Arrakis?

Arrakis is a database built for sales and marketing teams that sell to Healthcare Providers. We have data on everything from medical specialties, technology adoption, patient demographics, practice locations, to triple-verified emails.

How much does it cost?

We craft a custom proposal for every customer as we've found that each business has unique needs. After you fill out the form, we'll get in touch to schedule an intro call to find out what you need and put together a custom proposal that fits your budget and data requirements.

Why is your data so fresh and accurate?

Our proprietary ML algorithms search the healthcare universe to find data, and our team of Expert Healthcare Researchers manually validate it to ensure quality.

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